Voice-Invoice Management Mobile App

Our goal is to expand access to basic financial services for people who currently do not have one.

Three easy steps

Whether you’re a busy professional, a senior, or person having typing difficulties, our app streamlines your document management and invoice-paying tasks.

  • Scan your email for invoices or take a photo of them
  • Select the ones you want to pay
  • Send the task to your bank

Do it all with the power of your voice!

Why choose VOIBILLY?

Because we thought of people who weren’t included – elderly and those having difficulties. Unlocking financial freedom for community struggling with poor vision or typing difficulties and ones who want to be on the go.


Instantly recognize and convert scanned documents into editable, digital text, enhancing accessibility and usability.


Seamlessly pay your invoices through simple voice commands, ensuring a quick and convenient transaction process.

Secure & Fast

We provide secure and fast transactions, safeguarding your financial information and giving you peace of mind.

Easily Integrable

Incorporates effortlessly into current systems, maximizing functionality and enhancing user convenience by using API.

Invoice management has never been easier

No more navigating through numerous screens or typing out lengthy details. Voice-powered invoice management application makes the process seamless and quick.

Additionally, our app promotes inclusivity by providing an accessible solution for individuals with disabilities, ensuring that managing finances is convenient and efficient for everyone. Embrace the future of hassle-free document handling and payments with our intuitive app.